LATEST - [125aff] Updated Upstream (Tuinity)

[a13c51] Simple item block collision toggle

[3cd9d1] Updated Upstream (Tuinity)

[2be99d] Toggle for DEAR

[348530] Updated Upstream (Tuinity)

[8c5012] Switch bitset to long storage

[617dfe] Patch Paper to use fast item merge raytracing

[3e07ea] Patch container checks for WildChests compat

[d04adc] Updated Upstream (Tuinity)

[0d5670] Merge pull request #24 from HexedHero/spelling-mistake-lightning

[813df1] Update README

[1c252a] Update Tuinity URL

[50babe] Updated Upstream (Tuinity)

[85e0c6] Revert "Allow plugins to stupidly replace server internals"

[db3fe2] Remove auto import